Thứ Ba, 18 tháng 11, 2014

Easter Sunday 2015

Just as Christmas is dedicated to celebrating the birth of Christ, Easter Sunday 2015 is also dedicated to covering another great milestone that Christ covered and that was resurrection. It is usually celebrated after the Good Friday which is when Christ died. As opposed to a variety of the other holidays, Easter is usually referred to as a moveable holiday because it does not fall on the same date every year.

When is Easter Sunday 2015

The History of Easter: It is not clear where the term Easter came from and its origins are not clear either. There are a variety of stories about where the name could have come from with some claiming that the term was derived from the term Eostre which is a term that refers to the Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility while another indicates the term to have come from the Latin term Hebdomada Alba which means white week which was an ancient festive also known as Easter week in which people donned white clothing and were baptized during this time. However, none of these theories have been proven as of yet.